Even before all the design elements of our kitchen refresh were nailed down, one thing I knew for certain I wanted to include was a beautiful Turkish runner.  And, surprisingly, there are a lot of affordable Turkish rugs and runners to be found! I love how my Oushak runner adds a fresh pop of color and timeless elegance to our kitchen space–but I think they look amazing in any room in your house! (Think entryways, hallways, bathrooms, laundry rooms, alongside the bed, etc.)



Just look at how gorgeous Persian runners enhance the beauty of the kitchens below:


Becki Owens

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Kate Marker Interiors, via Becki Owens


Jamie Keskin Design

What are Oushak rugs?

The type of vintage Turkish rugs and runners I love are Oushak (pronounced ü-ˈshäk).  Also called Ushak or Anatolian rugs, these rugs are named after the city of Usak, Turkey.  They have a distinctive design and employ soft pastels, pinks, cinnamons, terra cottas, blues, ivories, and saffrons as their primary colors.  The particular type of wool used in creating these beautiful rugs adds to their luminous nature.

Of course, these Persian rugs and runners look amazing in any space, so don’t limit their use to the kitchen! They bring the perfect pop of color and timeless finishing touch to a hallway, entryway, laundry room, bathroom, or bedroom.

Where to buy Turkish Oushak rugs

Although most real vintage Oriental runners typically run in the thousands, I found several authentic and affordable Turkish Oushak rugs for you below.  And most are under $500!  Since these rugs are one of a kind, they usually sell out quickly, so if you find one you like, don’t delay!  I learned this the hard way. 😉

Affordable Turkish Oushak Rugs and Runners

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