A few weeks ago, when Pantone unveiled its Color of the Year for 2020, Classic Blue, I couldn’t have been happier.  Calm, refreshing, and reminiscent of the ocean and sky, blue happens to be my favorite color every year! I’ve found that decorating with blue brings a fresh yet timeless feeling to our home.

If you’ve been following along on Instagram and Pinterest for a while, you might have noticed that decorating with blue has kind of become my thing–which amazes me, because I don’t think I had a stitch of blue decor in our home until a couple of years ago.  (Although I did go through a cornflower blue phase about 20 years ago! 🙂)

Once I started decorating with this versatile hue, though, there was no going back.  A touch of blue was just what our home needed.  It lends a fresh look to every space, making a world of difference in the overall mood of our home.


My favorite way to use blue is paired with white, for a clean, crisp look.  Our white walls and ceilings, which we painted a couple of years ago, provide the perfect backdrop for rich blue hues.  (If you’re thinking about making the switch to white walls, make sure to read my post on how to choose the perfect white paint for your home.)

Cool, calm and collected, blue is always a classic.  The thing I love about decorating with blue is how it works with any style. Which is great for me, since my home consists of an eclectic mix of all the styles! 😉

Wondering how to decorate with blue?  Whether you want to decorate with blue accents here and there or go all out by adding a coat of rich blue to your dining room, bedroom, kitchen, or bathroom, read on for ideas for how to use this refreshing hue in your home:

Decorating with Blue: fresh ideas for your home

In the Kitchen–

When we updated our kitchen last year, I was tempted to paint all the cabinets blue but ultimately decided to just add a splash of blue on the island. I love how it pops against the white quartz countertops. The shade is “Distance” by Sherwin Williams.


Other ways I’ve incorporated blue in this space include a blue and white patterned rug in front of the sink,


a few blue bowls on the open shelving,



and a blue and white canister to dress up the countertop. Here’s another one I love.


Since our kitchen is adjacent to the hearth room, where I’m decorating with blue in abundance, that’s all the blue I plan to use in here for now.



In the Living Room–

My navy velvet pillows are a staple in this space. Actually, you’ll see them throughout our house, because they seem to work everywhere. I love how they pair beautifully with every color and tone, making them a true neutral.


Coffee table books are another way to add a touch of color and personality to a space. 


Decorating with blue can be as easy as adding a blue rug to your space.  I love this easy-care rug so much, I bought two!  Currently, I’m using one here in the living room and a smaller version in the bedroom.



In the Master Bedroom–

Over the past couple of years our master bedroom has become an oasis of blue and white.


I’m love the calm and serene atmosphere these hues add to this space.  All I have to do to update the look with the seasons is change a pillow or two and perhaps add in a heavier throw or duvet in winter.


An embroidered border on our sheets and pillowcases adds a bit of color and pattern.


And an indigo blue rug helps tie everything together.  The canvas artwork above the bed helps give this space a bit of a beachhouse vibe.  This piece is no longer available, but here are some other options. 




In the Hearth Room–

Indigo shibori pillows, a blue and white patterned rug, and plants lend a happy vibe to this much-used space.  The blue and white artwork really pops against the white walls.  (You can find similar pieces here and here.)  



In the Guest Bedroom–

Until last year, this space was a girly pink haven, since it’s where we put my mom and mother-in-law when they come to visit.  But once I moved this blue chambray headboard in from our master bedroom, it was only a matter of time before everything in this space drifted over to the blue side!


I love switching out the pillows, throws and lamps in this space.  Everything seems to go well with blue.  And when the morning sunlight streams in, the blues and whites look especially fresh and pretty!



In the Entryway–

Even small spaces deserve a splashy statement color!  I love seeing the happy pop of blue from this cabinet when I come in the front door.  This piece actually used to be black with silver knobs, but after painting it blue (with Valspar Indigo Streamer) and adding a touch of gold with new hardware, it became the focal point of our entryway. And my little blue and white ginger jar helps make this small space sing. 


In my Home Office–

The only blue item I have in this space is my blue chair, but it adds a happy pop of color in this otherwise very white space.



On the Patio–

Even though it won’t be warm enough to use our patio for several more weeks, I’m already dreaming about decorating this area for relaxing summer evenings.  Here’s what it looked like a couple of summers ago, with blue rugs and seat cushions … and lots of flowers and plants.



As you can see, the sky’s the limit when it comes to decorating with blue!  You simply can’t go wrong with this classic hue, so I hope you’ll give it a try!  To get you started, here’s a mood board I put together, including several of my favorite blue and white pieces. (You can click on any image for product information.)

xo jane

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