Since we’re all spending so much time at home these days, it’s more important than ever that our homes feel like a sanctuary. Our environments affect everything going on in our lives–spiritually, physically, and emotionally–so I think it’s important to add elements to every space that enhance a sense of calm and joy–especially right now.  With a few simple changes, every home can support the happiness and wellbeing of the people who live there.

Many people don’t know this, but in addition to loving everything about design and decorating, I also love learning about health, which prompted me to become a certified health coach a few years ago. When I was going to nutrition school, I had no idea I’d eventually be able to combine that knowledge with my love of interior design. 

But as I talked with people who wanted to improve their health, I began to realize what a huge impact their home environments had on their overall wellbeing. That realization led me to start focusing on helping others create positive energy and balance in their homes.


If you’d like to inspire more happiness in your home, here are 9 simple tips to help you create soothing spaces that promote good vibes, creativity, and harmony.  I hope these ideas will brighten your day–and your home!

9 Simple Tips to Inspire Wellbeing at Home

1. Add a touch of nature. 

Frank Lloyd Wright taught us that the way to a happy, healthy home was to bring the outdoors in.  The sky, trees, water, sunlight–all the natural beauty that surrounds us–can give us inspiration for designing spaces that meet our physical, emotional and spiritual needs. 

I love bringing the outdoors in, using nature to make our home feel cheerful and fresh.  Adding plants, shells, rocks and other natural elements to our home is a simple energy booster.  


2. Create a Sacred Space.

We all want to bring a sense of mindfulness, calm and order to these overwhelming and confusing days.  That’s why I think a sacred space to retreat for prayer and meditation is essential for every home.  This might be a comfortable chair in a quiet corner of the house or even a room designed specifically for this purpose.  An ideal sacred space might include plants, soft lighting, soothing colors, a comfortable place to sit, and a cozy throw blanket.


3. Let in the light.

Natural light has tremendous benefits, both physical and emotional.  It boosts productivity and improves both your mood and quality of sleep.  During the day, I make sure to open all the curtains and raise our window blinds to the highest level to let in as much light as possible.


4. Make Your Bedroom a Relaxing Oasis of Calm.

Our bedrooms should be an oasis of tranquility, promoting relaxation and restful sleep. It’s important to keep distractions to a minimum in this space, so if you’ve been wanting to try out a soothing color palette, this is the space to give it a try!  I love the tried and true hues of blue and white for promoting a feeling of calm and serenity.


5. Turn Your Living Room into a Socializing Spot.

The living room should feel like an area where everyone naturally wants to gather. Comfy chairs and a coffee table where the kids can work on projects or schoolwork or play games helps maximize the feeling of togetherness and intimacy.


6. Don’t forget a Library.

In a perfect world, every home would have a library to encourage curiosity and learning. My ideal library would include an array of books, a computer, and a huge table to spread everything out on.

In reality, though, a home library can be added anywhere in the home–simply by adding a bookcase stocked with your favorite books–or even just a cozy corner, reading tablet, comfy chair, and lamp.


7. Make the Kitchen the Heart of the Home.

There are countless ways to make the kitchen the focal point of the home, a place to encourage joyful activities, togetherness, and home cooking. 


If you’re designing or renovating your kitchen, you might want to include a large island with seating to promote conversation with the cook and/or casual dining.  An island can also double as a handy serving area for parties and get-togethers. 


We have a little sitting area adjacent to our kitchen, where people can gather and chat while I prepare meals.  Because it has a cheerful, cozy vibe (and is so close to the food) this little space is the most popular room in our home!


8. Use the Power of Essential Oils. 

My favorite way to instantly create good vibes, wellbeing and positive energy in our home is with essential oils.  I keep a diffuser running almost all the time, and I try different blends on different days, depending on my mood and what else we have going on. Here are 3 of my favorite diffuser blends to create positive energy:

3 drops juniper + 3 drops orange
2 drops frankincense + 2 drops orange + 1 drop peppermint
4 drops juniper + 2 drops grapefruit +2 drops bergamot

See my post, 13 Beautiful Essential Oil Blends for Your Diffuser, if you’d like more diffuser recipes!


9. Include an Area for Creativity. 

Creativity is so important for happiness!  I believe every home should have a place that nurtures and inspires our natural desire to create.  This guest room doubles as my sewing and craft area.  With a small desk holding paper, pens, and markers, it’s the perfect place to express my creative side whenever the urge strikes.




Sending you good vibes, my friends! I hope these tips gave you some ideas for promoting more joy, creativity and wellbeing while you’re at home!

xo jane