Lately I find myself craving a fresh look throughout our home–especially in our living room.  Since I’ve been on a decluttering kick, I’m trying to focus on quality rather than quantity in all areas of my life–including which elements I bring into our home. I’m keeping only what makes my heart sing and letting go of the rest.  As I clear out and re-think how we use our spaces, I’m feeling lighter and more inspired with each passing day. These bright and beautiful living room ideas, all found on Pinterest, embrace the lighter, more modern approach to decorating I’m loving lately.  If you’re looking for fresh ideas for decorating your living room, I hope you find them as inspiring as I do!

Beautiful Living Room Ideas

d3085aa50524615e0fe4f3dc37a6ac23-9975784Kate Marker Interiors



Studio McGee


a2eb256667628e544f91e07e8a9c2c52-6908431LeClair Decor



Reems Design


2b653f996d1c87ad8338fca5618ea5b3-8554650Studio McGee




Amber Interior Design



The Life Styled Company



ef397655dc16da92de9e83e79efd0038-4321434Livingston Interiors, via The Haven List



Katherine Carter (photo by Tessa Neustadt)


d7ca75d379d067fd177d678b60da1e79-6833488Lisa Tharp, via Becki Owens



Talia Laconi for Homepolish, via Harper’s Bazaar (photo by Tessa Neustadt)


House Seven Design



Amber Interiors



Casa Chic Designs


81fca3c9006eef75244569126b388381-9593279Studio McGee



Francois et Moi


2ce974f19cad9e9b7e98556dbeca3807-3379824Alexander Design, via Domino Magazine (photo by Tessa Neustadt)



Sylvia Tribel


5fd26854ce036574235eef71bac16e3f-4219428Lindye Galloway Interiors



Harlowe James


610a230a700b3d2964ac5165fa9339dc-8142425M. Elle Design via Architectural Digest



Amber Interiors


2e64372a2a406c5e415cb9094fad8466-6212833Cortney Bishop Design, via Becki Owens


Lindye Galloway Interiors


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Don’t forget, my Living Room board on Pinterest is filled with tons of great ideas!

Have a wonderful day! xo jane