Welcome to the entryway! I like to think of this space as a preview for the rest of your home. It gives visitors an idea of who you are, where you like to travel, what kind of art you like, and your favorite colors.  I have to admit, for a long time I didn’t give my entryway decor a second thought! At some point, though, I realized that as the first space our guests see, our entryway probably deserves more attention than any other! If you’d like to make a great first impression with your entryway, try to think of this area as a glimpse into your personality. 



Start with a color, pattern, or style you love, and find art, accents, and furnishings that bring that idea to life.  As you can see, I designed our entry around the color blue (definitely a preview of the rest of our home 😉). 

Even though this space is tiny, it holds a blue cabinet, a favorite ginger jar, a seashell from one of our visits to Charleston, and a tassel we found in an open air market on our trip to Italy.  Right off the bat, our guests have an inkling we love blue and white, the beach, and traveling.

Creating a functional entryway that also reflects your style and personality isn’t hard to do.  It just involves paying attention to a few basics, then adding your own twist, as you’ll see in the beautiful entryway ideas below.

Entryway Ideas for a Beautiful First Impression


Amber Interiors

Keep it bright.

First of all, since the entryway sets the tone for the rest of your home, try to keep it bright, well-lit and clutter-free so visitors aren’t tripping over things as they come in!

faccf08f7696f93abea8985d0c6500cf-6388053M. Lahr Homes, via Home Bunch


Jenkins Interiors

Add a place to hang coats, hats & scarves.

One thing I try to remember to do before we have people over is make sure there’s room in the coat closet for our guests’ coats.  We also have a coat rack attached to the wall in our entryway, and I try to keep a few hooks open for guests to hang purses and scarves.

5b14d305fb0da96cbe84c62d9a7c5cb3-2598968Mix and Chic

Make it functional.

The entryway often gets completely lost in piles of coats, shoes, and backpacks.  To help keep clutter to a minimum, try to think of everything you want to keep in the entryway and then decide what kind of storage options you’ll need.

The entryway above shows some great ideas for corralling umbrellas, hats, bags and plants–plus additional storage in the bench. And the entryway ideas below feature beautiful cabinetry options offering hidden storage for small spaces.


Alyssa Kapito Interiors

89dcec21ba28574658114a7a4a553f50-4672282Glitter Guide

Add a rug.

If you have tile or wood flooring, a rug can soften the space, add color and texture, and pick up the dirt that’s tracked in.  The floor in our entryway tends to get very dirty, especially when it rains or snows, so I like to use rugs that can be thrown in the washing machine when they start looking a little dingy.  Just make sure your rug lays nice and flat so it’s not a tripping hazard!


Wit and Delight

Don’t forget a mirror.

Mirrors are a wonderful addition to an entryway.  Not only do they brighten and lighten an often-dark space, they make it easy for you to check your face and hair on the way out–and your guests can do the same thing when they come in!

ad040119_washington_benjamin_moore_05-9277364RH Interior Design for Kerry Washington, via Architectural Digest


Studio McGee


Becki Owens

Add some personality.

As I mentioned above, make sure to add in the colors, patterns, or styles you love.  Find art, accents, and furniture that speak to you and express the look and feeling you want your home to convey. 

Each of the beautiful entryways below has a completely different vibe, but they all give you a clear idea of the style and personality of the rest of the home.


Amber Interiors


4886a37c9fe45cefb5eda0a90178dda4-2359513Tamara Magel



Paloma Contreras

Include a spot to stash things.

If you have the space, a sideboard or console table offers a spot to set mail and keys.  A decorative dresser can also be a beautiful addition to a foyer and has the bonus benefit of extra storage space.

313b523d54772eaf3591124ece5a33bc-3073011Studio McGee



House and Home


french-blue-cabinet-gold-pulls-white-quartz-lamp-cameron-table-lamp-2125993Kate Marker Interiors


A couple of decorative baskets placed underneath a console table help hide blank wall space and provide a place to stash small items like dog leashes.


Shay Cochrane, via The Everygirl

A pretty bowl or beautiful boxes are perfect for holding keys and wallets and other small items you need to keep track of.

becki-owens-console-styling14-6011184Serena and Lily

Provide a place to sit.

Another thing I love in a foyer is some type of seating so guests can sit while they remove their shoes or boots. Folding stools, similar to the ones above, or a bench like the ones below, provide the perfect seating solution. 


Katie Martinez Design

As a bonus, by making it easy for your guests to take off their shoes when they arrive, your floors will stay cleaner!




Whether your entryway is large or small, grand or simple, if it promotes a welcoming and positive experience for your guests–and for you–that’s all that matters!

If you’d like more entryway ideas, check out my entryway board over on Pinterest.  Also, for more interior design ideas, see my posts on Beautiful Living Rooms, Bedrooms, and Kitchens.

xo jane