I hope you’re having a wonderful summer so far!  This, by far, is my favorite season–and to make sure I have plenty of time to enjoy it to the fullest, I keep my summer home decor (and my life) as simple and easy as possible.

By sticking with a color scheme that reflects nature–deep blues, fresh greens and crisp whites– everything works together–which means I can move pillows, decorative items and rugs from space to space and they’ll usually work anywhere!

processed-with-vsco-with-s3-preset-27Bed //  Rug  //  Stools  // Bedding  // Lamps  // Artwork (similar)  // Macrame Pillow // Striped Pillows  //  Tray // Throw // Nightstand (similar)

Inspired by the colors and textures of summertime, I love to bring the outdoors in as much as possible.  Lots of baskets, flowers from the garden, plants, branches, seashells, and rocks are some of my summer home decor go-tos.  Read on to see how I add a touch of fresh, breezy summer home decor to my spaces!

In the living room:

White walls (Simply White by Benjamin Moore) and curtains, as well as lighter tones and textures, bring a summery vibe to our living room. Adding in a blue rug, as well as an assortment of blue pillows, helps keep all the white elements from appearing too stark. 


Rug  // Chairs (similar) //  Floor Lamp  //  Throw  //  Coffee Table (similar) // Various Pillows // Blue Velvet Pillows (below) // Sofa (similar)

A few different summer views–as you can see, I like to move the furniture around often!

My framed botanical prints also bring a touch of color and nature to this space.  Here’s how I made my botanical art wall using pages from a book!


Cabinet // Pillows (similar) (similar) (similar) //  Lamp //  Rug  // Chairs (similar) //  Floor Lamp

Baskets are one of my favorite ways to bring a breezy summer vibe into our home!  As far as I’m concerned, you can never have too many!  And the best thing about baskets is they never go out of style!

processed-with-vsco-with-s3-preset-29Cabinet //  Lamp  //  Bamboo Table

In the hearth room:

The area below is in our hearth room where my husband and I love to relax.  In the summer, I like to incorporate a bit of a beach-house feeling in here with plenty of stripes, baskets, and greenery. With a very messy English bulldog in residence, white slipcovers that can be removed and thrown in the wash are a must! 


Rug  // Ottoman (similar) (similar) //  Throw  // Chairs  //  Artwork  // Cabinet  //  Pillows (similar) (similar) (similar)
Basket  //  Basket  // Bamboo Window Shades // Live Fig

In the dining room:

Our dining room doesn’t get much love in the summertime, as we eat most of our meals outdoors.  But it’s nice to have one space in the house that always stays clean!


I recently added the striped rug, and I really love how it refreshed this space. It’s actually too small–I bought a 5 x 8, intending to use it elsewhere, but thought I’d try it in here just to see how it would look. But once I got it under the table I liked it so much I didn’t want to move it!  Maybe one of these days I’ll replace it with a larger version.


Striped rug // curtains  // table  // chairs  // basket // white cabinet // mirror (similar) (similar) // light fixture (similar) // faux fig  // live fig

In my office:

Abundant natural light is my favorite thing about my home office.  The light, bright feeling in this space gets me going when I need some Monday motivation!  Last year, we switched to this woven light fixture to add a fresh touch–and it gives off a wonderful rosy glow in the evenings.  I recently also added a natural rug to this space for a soft, summery touch underfoot.  I’ll share new photos of this space soon (as soon as I clean off my desk)!

processed-with-vsco-with-s3-preset-31Desk //  Desk Lamp (similar) //  Chair  // Stools  //  Tray  //  Credenza (similar)  // Live Fig //  Light Fixture //  Mirror (similar)  // Floor Lamp

In the kitchen:

Fresh flowers are my favorite way to bring a fresh vibe to the kitchen!



My open shelving in the kitchen recently received a summer update, too, with the addition of a round basket and lighter-toned accent pieces.

processed-with-vsco-with-s1-presetShelves (same) Shelves (similar)  // Marble Board //  Soap Dish (similar) //  Blue/White Canister  // Brass Cabinet Pulls  // Sink  //  Cutting Board // Bamboo Shades  //  Subway Tile // Coffee Maker // Nespresso //  White Canisters (similar) // Salt/Pepper Cellar (similar) // Blue Bowls // Mugs // Round Basket (similar)


Cookbook Basket //  Canister

Even something as simple as a basket, or canister displayed on the counter … or a pretty dish towel or two, can add a fresh touch to your kitchen for summer.

processed-with-vsco-with-s3-preset-33Stools  // Light Fixture  //  Faucet  // Cookbook Basket  // Marble Lazy Susan  //  Canister  // Brass Cabinet Pulls  // Stove  // Hood  // Sink
Cutting Board Round  //  Cutting Board  Rectangular  //  Bamboo Shades  //  Utensil Holder  //  Countertops  // Subway Tile  // Dutch Oven


Here’s a first peek at our updated breakfast nook!  I’m so happy to have this space lightened up, just in time for summer!  Previously, we had a dark wood table, gray upholstered chairs, and a fabric light fixture. 


Light Fixture  // Chairs (in “Fog”) //  Table  //  Rug  // Rug Alternate

In the master bedroom:

My favorite pairing of blue and white creates a cool and calm atmosphere in our master bedroom for summer.


Bed //  Rug  //  Stools  // Bedding  // Lamps  // Artwork (similar)  // Macrame Pillow // Tasseled Pillow  //  Tray // Throw // Nightstand (similar)

Here’s a view of our bedroom from last summer.  As you can see, it hasn’t changed much!  I still love the crisp, summery vibe of white bedding!  Every time I walk through here, I just want to lie down and take a nap!


Bed //  Rug  //  Stools  // Bedding  // Lamps  // Artwork (similar)  // Pillow  (similar) //  Tray // Throw

Recently my younger daughter and I spent some time editing and styling the built-in shelving that spans most of one wall of our master bedroom.  We switched out the dark books and decorative items for lighter-toned pieces–and, of course, added plenty of baskets.  It’s always fun to have a talented helper when you tackle a project like this!


Coastal artwork is another great way to add a summery feeling to any space.  This piece was purchased locally a couple of years ago, but I found several similar ones, which I share on this page devoted to artwork.

In the guest bedroom:

Our guest room is a busy spot this time of year, as friends and family have discovered our Rocky Mountain summers can’t be beat! So far this summer we’ve welcomed my mom and sister, and my husband’s family arrives next week!

processed-with-vsco-with-s2-preset-4Headboard //  Rug  // Throw  //  Nightstand  // Pillow (similar)  // Duvet Cover / Shams  //  Lamp

Shades of crisp blue and white add a welcoming touch and create a cool and comfortable atmosphere for visitors.  And a little desk and chair give our guests an extra spot to place their belongings or use their laptops.



Desk (Alternate) (Alternate) //  Chair (alternate)  //  Shelving  //   Duvet Cover / Shams   //  Headboard //  Rug  // Throw  // Basket (similar) //  Mirror (similar)

On the patio:

Our patio is our favorite place to hang out during the warmer months. We like to carry our drinks out here after dinner to enjoy the glorious summer sunsets!


Our outdoor curtains give us a little extra privacy–plus some much-needed shade on sunny days!


4-Piece Patio Set  //  Curtains  // Rug  //  Blue Tassel Pillow  // Blue Stripe Pillow //  Striped Pillow  //  White Pillow  // Macrame Pillow
Lights  //  Throw // Throw (similar)


Earlier this summer, we had doves and robins nesting under the eaves out here, which meant we weren’t able to use this space for fear of disturbing the mama birds.


Even though being banished from our patio was a bit of an inconvenience, we felt like proud parents once the baby dove and four baby robins left their nests! 
   processed-with-vsco-with-s1-preset-54-Piece Patio Set  //  Curtains  // Rug  //  Blue Tassel Pillow  // Blue Stripe Pillow //  Striped Pillow  //  White Pillow  // Macrame Pillow
Lights  //  Throw // Throw (similar)




Wishing you a beautiful summer, my friends!  I hope you found some easy ideas for updating your spaces for this wonderful time of year!  xo jane

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